punch [1] VERB 1) strike with the fist. 2) press (a button or key on a machine). 3) N. Amer. drive (cattle) by prodding them with a stick.
NOUN 1) a blow with the fist. 2) informal effectiveness; impact.
punch above one's weight — Cf. ↑punch above one's weight
DERIVATIVES puncher noun.
ORIGIN variant of POUNCE(Cf. ↑pounce).
punch [2] NOUN 1) a device or machine for making holes in paper, metal, leather, etc. 2) a tool or machine for impressing a design or stamping a die on a material.
VERB 1) pierce a hole in (a material) with or as if with a punch. 2) pierce (a hole) with or as if with a punch.
ORIGIN perhaps an abbreviation of PUNCHEON(Cf. ↑P), or from PUNCH(Cf. ↑puncher).
punch [3] NOUN a drink made from wine or spirits mixed with water, fruit juices, spices, etc.
ORIGIN apparently from a Sanskrit word meaning 'five, five kinds of' (because the drink had five ingredients).

English terms dictionary. 2015.